Hario V60 Natural Paper Filter 02-100

Hario V60 VCF-02-100M

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Pack of 100 Hario natural paper filters, designed for the V60 cone-shaped size 02 coffee drippers.

The way Hario Coffee Dripper V60 Works

The pour-over technique allows you to brew directly into your cup or server. While techniques may vary among users, below is an overview of the pour-over's general process.

  • Grind your coffee beans and preheat your dripper and vessel
  • Set the dripper atop or above your vessel
  • Place the appropriate paper or cloth filter into the Hario Coffee Dripper V60
  • Add ground coffee depending on your specific taste preferences
  • Pour the desired amount of preheated (anywhere from 195° to 205°) water over the coffee grounds, allowing the brewed coffee to drip down into your vessel


In Japanese, HARIO means "The King of Glass". Since its founding in 1921, this Japanese company has been manufacturing glassware of the highest quality for general consumers and for industrial uses. This cone pour-over is designed to work with their cloth and paper filters to produce a superior cup of coffee.

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Hario V60 Natural Paper Filter 02-100

Hario V60 Natural Paper Filter 02-100