About us

Established in 2011, we are Silver Spring (MD) based specialty micro-coffee roasters, and we are passionate about what we do. Nagadi means traveler in Ge’ez, an ancient Ethiopian language. We call ourselves travelers because we believe that one can travel the world through the flavors and aromas of coffee. There are no two beans alike and each plantation will yield beans with unique characteristics reflecting the varietal, the terroir, the processing method and, finally the roaster’s skill in developing the beans’ inherent flavors. This uniqueness is what allows one to “taste a bit of another land” into a simple cup of coffee. 


We begin our coffee journey by working closely with our partners (farmers, cooperatives and exporters), countries of origin. This allows us to learn about the coffee as well as the people who cultivate and process it, and enables us to select only the best green beans, our most important ingredient. Only great beans will create a great beverage.


Each green bean has unique characteristics, and we embrace that by bringing out their unique flavors and aromas.  We test-roast multiple samples of each new batch of green beans to establish the conditions that best reveal their unique palate of flavors and aromas.

Travel through the flavors of coffee